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A seminar on « Cancer in Algeria: Realities and Challenges »

A seminar on « Cancer in Algeria: Realities and Challenges » was held Sunday in Algiers with the participation of specialists in the field. This meeting aims, according to its organizers, to make an inventory of cancer in Algeria and to suggest measures that can enable better management of patients with this serious condition in which the number « continues to grow year in years. « 

Organized by the Committee on Health, Social Affairs, Labour and National Solidarity of the Council of the nation, this scientific event saw the presentation of several papers on the state of play of cancer in Algeria.

Speaking at the opening of this study day, the Vice-Chairman of the nation, Sidi Lakhdar Athman said that Algeria records each year more than 40,000 new cases of cancer and has mobilized for this many ways to deal with this scourge whose incidence is increasing year by year.


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